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..... to encourage professional growth and development of new City Recorders through the OAMR Mentoring Program and to provide guidance and support to potential candidates for the OAMR Board of Directors through the OAMR Leadership Development Program…

Mentoring and Leadership Development Chair
Susan Reeves, CMC, Scappoose

“Feedback on the Mentoring Program”

Are there improvements that you can think of to make the Mentoring Program more successful?

Have someone like I had to be your mentor. She went above and beyond what a mentor should do. Kitty Vodrup needs to be the example for the program. She knows what she is doing and has been, and I hope, will be there to help when I need her.

Was there more that your mentor should have done for you before and after the conference?

Absolutely not. She did so much to make me feel welcome and special. I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference that made. I was very anxious about going and she really calmed me and made me feel very much like she was glad I was there.

What is your overall impression of the Mentoring Program?

Invaluable. It really helps to have someone who knows what’s going on, can provide information and support in an arena where you can’t get it in your own workplace.

If you’re relatively new to OAMR, do you know that you can request a mentor? We can assign a mentor that will help you with all the knowledge and connections that will help with your professional development goals. Last year, 19 recorders were matched up with a mentor assigned to assist them. If you’d like to have a mentor assigned to you, or would just like to chat with someone about the program, please click on the links on this page for more information.
Mentors are very special people, willing to give some of their time to help out new recorders. If you have one year of experience as a municipal recorder, then you too have what it takes to help a new person. There are so many resources in OAMR to help both new recorders, and the people doing the mentoring. Another benefit to being a mentor is that many of the mentor/mentee relationships turn into great friendships!

The following information is available from the Mentoring and Leadership Committee Chair.

Mentoring "How to Manual" Mentoring Job Description
Mentoring Guide Resource Guide
Mentoring Check List  

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact any of the following Mentoring and Leadership Development Committee Members:

Amber Ames, CMC, Hillsboro Amy Sowa, CMC, Springfield
Debby Roth, CMC, Cornelius Kathy Hall, CMC, Salem
Kim Scheafer, CMC, Canby Laurie Boyce, CMC, Lafayette
Lisa Gibson, North Plains Michelle Eldridge, CMC, Harrisburg
Peggy Hawker, MMC, Newport Phyllis Bolman, Monmouth
Shirley Kappas, MMC, Klamath Falls